The love of OPI.

Hello Addicts!

So I love painting my fingernails. (Not so much toes, because they’re just dilapitated and I’d be scared to show them) But if there’s one thing I can’t stand it’s normal varnish. Rimmel, M&S, perfection, lot. Get your brushes sorted! These brands all have the most beautiful colours…but the problem is, your brushes don’t work on my nails. I have to do fifteen applications to get the sides, corners, tips of my nails done. So let me explain: OPI I ♥ U! Opi has the widest brushes in the world,and it’s actually a fact if you look it up. Just one spread, and viola…it’s all done. Everythings covered. No turning your fingernail to just get that edge. They have hundreds and hundreds of colours. Expensive, whatever. They should be. They’re used in Hollywood and Miley Cyrus, Jennifer Aniston, Katy Perry..all use Opi.

And that’s why I love OPI. My faves include: Peru-b-ruby, Pink-ing of you, Who the shrek are you, Melon Of troy, Jade is the new black, My chihuaha bites.



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What I’m wearing today, Need to get list!

Hey addicts,

So, I know lots of people do this, but when I’m watching my fav gurus on YT, (ie Lisalisad1), I’ve always got a notepad by my computer to jot things down I like the look of. Tut tut. Lisa, you’re a bad influence! Do you know how much money I end up spendin’? lol. And also I like Lovepeaceandlipgloss, and Lollipop26. After the watching all the videos, I’ve added to my excruciateingly long list once again. Here are my priorities:

  1. MEMEME poppy tint
  2. Mac boy bait cremsheen gloss
  3. Smashbox nude
  4. Mac Groundwork paint pot
  5. Illamasqua lipstick – Obey
  6. Maybelline Mousse concealer
  7. Sleek storm palette
  8. MAC snob

Those are just a few. Also, I’m gonna start writing what I’m wearing at the end of the post. Guess who that idea was from? 😉

Clinique balanced make up base (natural bisque), Lancome tinte natural finish, Lancome pressed powder compact,ELF all over color stick in lilac petal, Christian Dior skinflash (no.2), FA eyeshadow (no.6), Lancome deficinis mascara, Equip lip balm in berrylicious, Astor ultracolour lipstick in 29.

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Bad girl & eye bright review, Christian Dior tibet.

Ok, so my mum kindly donated me some of her lipsticks recently, stuff from ages ago she’d barely touched. Along with it, came Christian dior’s tibet. Lucky me! It appeared when opened like a icy purple colour, lilac shimmer. Uh-oh, I thought. How could it suit me? Amazing how the colour of your lips come into it. I tried it on and it came out a beautiful, feminine, bright but not too bright pearlized pink. Here’s a swatch. Look how much is left! Haha 😉 The one problem.. I go on the Boots website..they don’t make it anymore! Gahhh! Awful. The best products, so hard to find. I’ll track it down, though. Or maybe they still do it, but have updated the packaging. If they did, I can see why. Take a look at that octagonal thing. Weird. And blue for a case? Neat, Dior! But the thing I like about this lipstick is it’s so summery, and paired with a very light purple gloss/sheen, it’s toned down and looks almost natural. If there’s one thing I have to say, don’t be scared of purples. Initally this was my reaction; purple? Me? But I assure you there is a type of light/dark purple for everyone. Also great tip – wear a nude lippy like Mac’s myth, Gosh darling or Revlon’s Matte, and put a light purple gloss over. It’ll look gorgeous. Also lots of stars have been spreading this purplemania. Take a look at Kaley Cuoca on 8 simple rules!

Wow.. this is a long post! Sorry x. Anyway, like I said a few posts back, I was getting the other two Glamour magazine freebies. Today I got Bad gal and Eye Bright. I’ll post pics on them tomorrow. Eye bright impresses me, though it does flake.. and as for Bad gal.. It’s alright I suppose..bit smudgy, but the main problem is..ITS TOO FAT. Talk about great for eyeshadow, not good for lining. Oh well. I’ll try figure out how to adapt that later.



♥ I love u addicts ♥


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MAC to the beach, Summer bronzing & Trends.

Ahhh! Summer, summer. SUMMER BABY!!

So we’ve been waiting since like FOREVER. Our bronzers have been barely used since last summer, and us girls have been toddling around in UGGs/warm shoes for long enough. YAY! Now we can finally embrace new, breezy and floral trends and have an excuse to shop for new Summer make up. So far, after buying a stash of fashion magazines this weekend, and keeping in with the goss’, this is what I’ve discovered. Split into make up (I know you want to hear it, addicts!) and Clothes.

Clothes, shoes, bags and alike.

News! You can keep your gladiators from last summer, they’re still in hun!

Denim! Yeah, denim jackets aren’t a new thing.. but putting them over floral playsuits or rompers are! It’s everywhere, and denim and playsuits are all Kate Hudson’s been wearing for ages.

Blazers and Military Craze! Banish sexism this summer people. Army greens and Military buttons are the new must-have. Particularly with blazers. Again, with something along the lines of a washed out denim skirt.

Jewellery & Acsessories: As I hunted around through Glamour, Jewellery this summer is almost more essential than your phone. And so is stacking it. Think lots and lots of bangles, and very long, dangly necklaces with intricate patterns.


I’m not going to say anything in the Beauty world is “Out” this Summer, because nothing is… Though I have noticed that very coral lipsticks are in a particular trend. OF course, people are going crazy for bronzing and fake tan. I’m so lucky I tan easy! I hate tan out of tubes.. I like the spray cans.

You guys.. moment of the moment. Omg.. did I just randomly make that up on the spot? So gay. Anyhoos, HAVE YOU TRIED MAC’S NEW COLLECTION – TO THE BEACH? Let me know, leave a comment, reviews, blah blah blah. I’m ashamed.. I haven’t tried it out yet, but I will, I will, later this summer when I’ve got time to go to all those fancy places that Mac stock to.

That’s it for now,

Audrey x

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one of the best, one of the worst

Hey addicts! Second post, go me…

So I was thinking of what reviews/hauls I could do, not doing well at the moment at all. It’s the pressure of grabbing my first readers! I’ll get better with experience, I promise. I love reading blogs, but seem to be incapable of writing one myself. Anyways, I came up with what I wanted to do. The worst lip gloss I have EVER experienced, and some of my best lip stains that were a set kindly given to me by a friend for Christmas. OK, starting with the worst. NYC is generally a great company, and I had heard lots about their bronzers, powders, and blushes. I figured, they got all that right, so why not their “Kiss Gloss”. I tossed it into my shopping bag to try it out. Hm, pinky colour, my sort, I think to myself. I must admit my stupidity for not testing it. They didn’t have any left, so why not take the risk for £2? Oh, a lot of things could be risky with this gloss. Take a look at the pics. This is honestly, the worst gloss you could ever find. It’s stickier, gloopier and THICKER than honey. So much that it doesen’t even come out the tube properly!



When I finally managed to squirt the stuff on my lips, it felt so uncomfortable I had to wipe it off. The picture of my lips is me wearing it. Then it didn’ t come off! It is so so thick. OK, enough rambling on that. That went straight into my ‘abandoned’ section in my bottom drawer. Now for a few of my best. Frontcover’s set of lip stains, available in Boots. AMAZING! It’s like a lipstick. My first reaction was; What pretty colours! They are in little containers though, as you can see from the picture, but they look even bigger because I zoomed in 😉 so I thought; ah, knowing me as a lippy user..these’ll be gone in no time. But no, would you believe they last forever! I’ve had them since december and used them about two times a week!Unbeleivable, I know it sounds. But because it’s like a liquid, and you only need one blob with that awesome applicator, it’s the best value for money I’ve ever heard of for a tenner a kit. It also comes with a lipliner and mirror, like a palette. And take a look at the pigmentation! Yes, btw, I took the glosses out of the kit to show you..silly me. My favourite colour is the light pink one, swatched at the end. I use it all the time, it’s so wearable and pretty. What’s your favourite? Not liking that brown though, I tried it and it looks ridicoulous on me!

Lots of love,

Audrey x

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Hello addicts!

Ok, most likely you’ve stumbled across this blog because your like me. You’ve been watching the Make up world on Youtube for ages, go shopping guiltily all the time for the latest gems and you’re obsessed with beauty. So I’ve finally decided after watching gurus and reading blogs, I come out and share some stuff myself! So.. my first post. Yup. My upcoming post is going to be about the glorious company Benefit. I live in the UK, but I know a lot of gurus are in the U.S, too. Nyx, illamasqua, Tarte, Smashbox, Laura Geller, been there done that! I love American beauty. After searching near and far, I’ve discovered you can actually buy these brands here. So wherever you live, I’m sure if I rave about a product you’ll be able to find it. (I know a lot of times I’m like WHAT? I can’t gettit? But it’s a revolution in beauty!!). Anyways, guess what! Glamour magazine is giving free Benefit products inside them! There are three to choose from, but, alas… sometimes you have to get 3 copies don’t you, have them all… And don’t look at me like that! One of my favourite bloggers, Lollipop26, did the same thing! And credits to her for telling us youtubers. So the first one I got in Glamour was “The It Stick”. People have said it’s rubbish, and I figured, because the only products left were “It sticks”. People were going CRAZY in shops… all the Glamour copies were gone. I mean, in Boots, Superdrug, Sephora, these things cost £14. And at a measly 2 quid..what can I say? But when I got home, I was amazed. The it stick worked p-e-r-f-e-c-t on me! Covers everything. I don’t know what you guys talkin’ about! So I’m also getting “Eye Bright” and “Bad gal” later next week. Eye bright brightens your eyes, go figure, and Bad gal is the infamous perfect black eyeliner, which everyone is going mental for. Now, I know this is quite a short post, not very good, but I just meant this as an intro. I’ll be blogging tomorrow with hauls, recommendations, Outfit of the days, etc.

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