MAC to the beach, Summer bronzing & Trends.

Ahhh! Summer, summer. SUMMER BABY!!

So we’ve been waiting since like FOREVER. Our bronzers have been barely used since last summer, and us girls have been toddling around in UGGs/warm shoes for long enough. YAY! Now we can finally embrace new, breezy and floral trends and have an excuse to shop for new Summer make up. So far, after buying a stash of fashion magazines this weekend, and keeping in with the goss’, this is what I’ve discovered. Split into make up (I know you want to hear it, addicts!) and Clothes.

Clothes, shoes, bags and alike.

News! You can keep your gladiators from last summer, they’re still in hun!

Denim! Yeah, denim jackets aren’t a new thing.. but putting them over floral playsuits or rompers are! It’s everywhere, and denim and playsuits are all Kate Hudson’s been wearing for ages.

Blazers and Military Craze! Banish sexism this summer people. Army greens and Military buttons are the new must-have. Particularly with blazers. Again, with something along the lines of a washed out denim skirt.

Jewellery & Acsessories: As I hunted around through Glamour, Jewellery this summer is almost more essential than your phone. And so is stacking it. Think lots and lots of bangles, and very long, dangly necklaces with intricate patterns.


I’m not going to say anything in the Beauty world is “Out” this Summer, because nothing is… Though I have noticed that very coral lipsticks are in a particular trend. OF course, people are going crazy for bronzing and fake tan. I’m so lucky I tan easy! I hate tan out of tubes.. I like the spray cans.

You guys.. moment of the moment. Omg.. did I just randomly make that up on the spot? So gay. Anyhoos, HAVE YOU TRIED MAC’S NEW COLLECTION – TO THE BEACH? Let me know, leave a comment, reviews, blah blah blah. I’m ashamed.. I haven’t tried it out yet, but I will, I will, later this summer when I’ve got time to go to all those fancy places that Mac stock to.

That’s it for now,

Audrey x


About beautyaddictioness

I'm a beauty addict. Love all things to do with fashion, skincare, hair, make up, nail varnish...will be doing product raves, reviews, warnings of what not to buy..favourites. And one day, one day, I'll enter the Youtube world. At the moment I'm happy with blogging. My favourite beauty gurus on YT are Juicystar07, allthatglitters21, lollipop26, lisalisad1 and lovepeaceandlipgloss.
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