one of the best, one of the worst

Hey addicts! Second post, go me…

So I was thinking of what reviews/hauls I could do, not doing well at the moment at all. It’s the pressure of grabbing my first readers! I’ll get better with experience, I promise. I love reading blogs, but seem to be incapable of writing one myself. Anyways, I came up with what I wanted to do. The worst lip gloss I have EVER experienced, and some of my best lip stains that were a set kindly given to me by a friend for Christmas. OK, starting with the worst. NYC is generally a great company, and I had heard lots about their bronzers, powders, and blushes. I figured, they got all that right, so why not their “Kiss Gloss”. I tossed it into my shopping bag to try it out. Hm, pinky colour, my sort, I think to myself. I must admit my stupidity for not testing it. They didn’t have any left, so why not take the risk for £2? Oh, a lot of things could be risky with this gloss. Take a look at the pics. This is honestly, the worst gloss you could ever find. It’s stickier, gloopier and THICKER than honey. So much that it doesen’t even come out the tube properly!



When I finally managed to squirt the stuff on my lips, it felt so uncomfortable I had to wipe it off. The picture of my lips is me wearing it. Then it didn’ t come off! It is so so thick. OK, enough rambling on that. That went straight into my ‘abandoned’ section in my bottom drawer. Now for a few of my best. Frontcover’s set of lip stains, available in Boots. AMAZING! It’s like a lipstick. My first reaction was; What pretty colours! They are in little containers though, as you can see from the picture, but they look even bigger because I zoomed in 😉 so I thought; ah, knowing me as a lippy user..these’ll be gone in no time. But no, would you believe they last forever! I’ve had them since december and used them about two times a week!Unbeleivable, I know it sounds. But because it’s like a liquid, and you only need one blob with that awesome applicator, it’s the best value for money I’ve ever heard of for a tenner a kit. It also comes with a lipliner and mirror, like a palette. And take a look at the pigmentation! Yes, btw, I took the glosses out of the kit to show you..silly me. My favourite colour is the light pink one, swatched at the end. I use it all the time, it’s so wearable and pretty. What’s your favourite? Not liking that brown though, I tried it and it looks ridicoulous on me!

Lots of love,

Audrey x


About beautyaddictioness

I'm a beauty addict. Love all things to do with fashion, skincare, hair, make up, nail varnish...will be doing product raves, reviews, warnings of what not to buy..favourites. And one day, one day, I'll enter the Youtube world. At the moment I'm happy with blogging. My favourite beauty gurus on YT are Juicystar07, allthatglitters21, lollipop26, lisalisad1 and lovepeaceandlipgloss.
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