Bad girl & eye bright review, Christian Dior tibet.

Ok, so my mum kindly donated me some of her lipsticks recently, stuff from ages ago she’d barely touched. Along with it, came Christian dior’s tibet. Lucky me! It appeared when opened like a icy purple colour, lilac shimmer. Uh-oh, I thought. How could it suit me? Amazing how the colour of your lips come into it. I tried it on and it came out a beautiful, feminine, bright but not too bright pearlized pink. Here’s a swatch. Look how much is left! Haha 😉 The one problem.. I go on the Boots website..they don’t make it anymore! Gahhh! Awful. The best products, so hard to find. I’ll track it down, though. Or maybe they still do it, but have updated the packaging. If they did, I can see why. Take a look at that octagonal thing. Weird. And blue for a case? Neat, Dior! But the thing I like about this lipstick is it’s so summery, and paired with a very light purple gloss/sheen, it’s toned down and looks almost natural. If there’s one thing I have to say, don’t be scared of purples. Initally this was my reaction; purple? Me? But I assure you there is a type of light/dark purple for everyone. Also great tip – wear a nude lippy like Mac’s myth, Gosh darling or Revlon’s Matte, and put a light purple gloss over. It’ll look gorgeous. Also lots of stars have been spreading this purplemania. Take a look at Kaley Cuoca on 8 simple rules!

Wow.. this is a long post! Sorry x. Anyway, like I said a few posts back, I was getting the other two Glamour magazine freebies. Today I got Bad gal and Eye Bright. I’ll post pics on them tomorrow. Eye bright impresses me, though it does flake.. and as for Bad gal.. It’s alright I suppose..bit smudgy, but the main problem is..ITS TOO FAT. Talk about great for eyeshadow, not good for lining. Oh well. I’ll try figure out how to adapt that later.



♥ I love u addicts ♥



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I'm a beauty addict. Love all things to do with fashion, skincare, hair, make up, nail varnish...will be doing product raves, reviews, warnings of what not to buy..favourites. And one day, one day, I'll enter the Youtube world. At the moment I'm happy with blogging. My favourite beauty gurus on YT are Juicystar07, allthatglitters21, lollipop26, lisalisad1 and lovepeaceandlipgloss.
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