The love of OPI.

Hello Addicts!

So I love painting my fingernails. (Not so much toes, because they’re just dilapitated and I’d be scared to show them) But if there’s one thing I can’t stand it’s normal varnish. Rimmel, M&S, perfection, lot. Get your brushes sorted! These brands all have the most beautiful colours…but the problem is, your brushes don’t work on my nails. I have to do fifteen applications to get the sides, corners, tips of my nails done. So let me explain: OPI I ♥ U! Opi has the widest brushes in the world,and it’s actually a fact if you look it up. Just one spread, and viola…it’s all done. Everythings covered. No turning your fingernail to just get that edge. They have hundreds and hundreds of colours. Expensive, whatever. They should be. They’re used in Hollywood and Miley Cyrus, Jennifer Aniston, Katy Perry..all use Opi.

And that’s why I love OPI. My faves include: Peru-b-ruby, Pink-ing of you, Who the shrek are you, Melon Of troy, Jade is the new black, My chihuaha bites.




About beautyaddictioness

I'm a beauty addict. Love all things to do with fashion, skincare, hair, make up, nail varnish...will be doing product raves, reviews, warnings of what not to buy..favourites. And one day, one day, I'll enter the Youtube world. At the moment I'm happy with blogging. My favourite beauty gurus on YT are Juicystar07, allthatglitters21, lollipop26, lisalisad1 and lovepeaceandlipgloss.
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